The Jeweller Behind Our Designs

With a long lineage in the industry, stretching back thirty years to Persia, a love for jewellery, gems and precious stones runs in the veins of a Chohaili.

An expert on rare and premium diamonds and the intricate settings of fine jewellery, Jim’s reputation proceeds him within the industry. Known for his creative flair and respect for the inherent, uniquely nuanced beauty of each stone, Jim’s work demonstrates an evolving collection of custom creations, inspired and influenced by the distinctiveness of a stone’s silhouette.

Jim’s passion is to work collaboratively with clients to create handcrafted, bespoke pieces with unrivalled artistic passion and technical precision.

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If you have a specific design in mind, o​ur highly conceptual jeweller will work with you to create or recreate a custom piece made just for you, from engagement, wedding and dress rings to earrings, pendants, bracelets and other jewellery ​such as brooches.